About the Program

    I have been an educator for over twenty years and I have witnessed hundreds of people struggle to learn the french language. These people all had enormous talent; unfortunately, the traditional methods they had been using to learn french did not work well for them. That's why they came to me.

    I have developed some non-traditional techniques which will accelerate the learning process without stressing you out. You WILL speak french the first day of the program. Each day thereafter will build on the previous success. SUCCESS builds CONFIDENCE! Confidence leads to BILINGUALISM!

    People interested in learning french because of their work are heavily stressed. They MUST learn! NOW!!! Their job may depend on it. However, often employers will not pay for lessons nor provide lessons in the work place. Why?

    The Cost in Dollars and Time

    For absolute beginners, using traditional methods, it takes approximately 1,500 hours to achieve an acceptable level of proficiency in french. Private, immersion courses which are the most efficient manner to train students, cost between $40-$50/hour. This means that someone must pay $60,000 to train 1 student to speak french.

    People who must pay out of their pocket cannot afford these costs. They resort to traditional group courses in which they will pay $5-$8/hour for the "slow boat to China method". It does noy take long for them to get discouraged and drop out of the course.

    My program is a private, non-traditional, immersion course with me as your teacher. Most CD-ROM and/or Internet programs are inadequate because they abandon you once you have purchased the program. In my program, you will have access to me via the internet. Together we will succeed!

    In traditional programs, 360 hours are required for the average student to speak french in very simple sentences. French K.I.S.S. will allow you to speak very well from day one. Each day will only get better. In less than 100 hours, you will be able to communicate with most people on a variety of subjects, using proper rhytm, intonation, pronunciation and properly using french verbs - the most difficult aspect of the language for most students to master.

    I know you are probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. After reading my FREE NEWSLETTERS on how to learn french, and trying my FREE LESSONS, you will understand how you will achieve this level of success.

    When you start the French K.I.S.S. program, you will be flying because you will understand what most francophones do instinctively and you will be doing the same thing.

The French K.I.S.S. Program

The Program is very simple. It is divided into lessons which deal with various aspects of the language.

  • I like simplicity!
  • K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, s'il vous pla?

I would ask you not to proceed to the next lesson until you have completely mastered the current one on the instinctive level. Some lessons will be easier for you than others. That's OK. You will be learning faster than most people. Be patient. Remember, the tortoise and the hare! Consistency works. Don't forget, I'm here to answer your questions when you struggle.

Our focus will be on rhythm and pronunciation of the language. We need to build a solid foundation if you want your french house to stand forever.

French K.I.S.S. will lay out the manner in which to study, practice, repeat, memorize and assimilate the information to learn french. If you choose to skip any technique in the learning process you will be impeding your learning. You will fall into the traditional mode of learning which means French K.I.S.S. will lose its impact for you.

Benefits to you!

People are intrigued by the possibility of speaking French. Why? It conjures up images of speaking French in Paris, the city of Lights and love, seated at an outdoor cafe with traditional French music in the background.

Let us be honest ! Most people will quickly have their balloons burst because of:

1. fear of failure.
2. what others have said about learning French.
3. excuses such as no time, no money, no real need.

French is French. Every program, including mine, presents the same information. How the information is presented must resonate with you in order to be successful.

Here is what I feel : You do not have to get it right, you just have to get it going !

There are 3 important Ps to being a successful French speaker:

1. Perceive : you need to perceive what you read and hear.
2. Process the pattern : you need to process the pattern you must use.
3. Perform : now, you need to perform the pattern

Unfortunately, most people tend to go directly to the perform stage. When they do, they are doomed to fail.

In the French K.I.S.S. program, you will learn the techniques and strategies to be successful in speaking French.

The most important question you need to answer is: How many systems do you need? The answer: One! You need the one that really works for you.

The only reason people fail is due to broken focus. I often say that everyone can learn French - it all depends on the time required to speak the language. My program compresses that time into manageable bytes. You will not need to spend countless hours studying because I will show you an accelerated method for learning French

I will lead you by the hand through the minefield of pitfalls. Once you understand my techniques and strategies, then your ambition, insights and willingness to learn will propel you forward. No one will be able to stop you!

What you will learn in the FREE newsletters and in the French K.I.S.S. program, most people never understand (even teachers). I understand instinctively what it means to speak french but more importantly I am able to impart this knowledge to others.

I am not out to impress you with my knowledge of french or present you with a glitzy, multi-media program. What is IMPORTANT is the knowledge contained in the French K.I.S.S. program.

I am not perfect and I wanted that reflected in my program. You may find errors in the audio portions or typos in the layout of the written word. I want to keep a real classroom feel to French K.I.S.S. because you and I are in this thing together.

Here are some of the things you will learn in my FREE newsletters and in the French K.I.S.S. lessons:

1. Learn the technique of the language.
2. How to say words correctly, the first time, every time.
3. Learn how to speak french with musical rhythm.
4. How not to conjugate verbs in a traditional way.
5. Get an excellent understanding of french verb tenses.
6. Learn without having to study grammar.
7. Work on your own timetable.

The reason I spend a great deal of time on this is because I came to understand french by having learned a third, fourth and fifth language just like you. I did the things you will want to try in your french lessons; but we will not go there because you will know the better way to go.

In all my years of teaching, I came to understand that if I taught like most teachers, I would get the same results they got. I did not like their results! That is why I have been so effective in my teaching career.

I believe you want to succeed! That is why I have designed this program.

You will be on your way to speaking Fluent French! Get started today! Bon succès! To your success!


Robert Fontaine