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What is so special about this program?

  • Most people think that in order to Speak Fluent French, you need to spend hours and hours studying, learning tons of vocabulary, conjugating hundreds of French Verbs...

    I thought so too, because this is the commonly used method in most schools and training centres everywhere.

    But after graduating from university and starting to teach French, I discovered that there is a better, more effective, quicker method to learn to Speak Fluent French, and it does not involve any of the laborious methods itemized above.
    In fact, when it comes to learning French, or any language for that matter, less really is better!

    I have been teaching French for more than two decades and have worked with thousands of students. I have diagnosed the problems experienced by those who just can't seem to put two words together in French, in spite of years of study in the Canadian school system and adult education organizations across Canada.

    You are fortunate... it is not too late for you to learn to Speak Fluent French.

    I'm going to show you why conventional methods for learning to Speak French do not work and show you step by step what you must do if you want to Speak Fluent French.

    "Regular" language teaching methods are not effective, and in some cases are causing more harm than good by teaching bad habits that will be difficult to overcome.

    The truth is that many language teachers do not know what it takes to help someone learn French because they have not discovered the technique of the language, one of the fundamental keys to being successful in learning any language. They try this method and that method and hope that eventually one of them will work.

    The entire Language Training Industry has a vested interest in drawing out the language training process so they can increase revenues for their programs. One language training school that I am aware of, charges over $11,000 for a 6 month program and when students finish the program they still can’t speak fluent French!

    Slowly, I began to notice something different about my students when I started changing the way that I taught French. They started showing more confidence in their ability to Speak French, they started taking more risks in speaking, even if they made some mistakes, and before I knew it, we were carrying on conversations about a variety of topics, all in Fluent French!

    I dismissed it as a fluke at first, but then I started to see a pattern emerge.

    I began to notice that those who were successful in Speaking Fluent French had some characteristics in common.

    First, they did what I asked them to do without questioning the reason behind my methods.

    Second, they started Speaking French during the very first lesson that we had together, even if they had only limited vocabulary and French structures to use.

    Third, they were not afraid to look silly if they made mistakes when they spoke French – they felt the fear and did it anyway!

    I started taking notes about my observations and what I had done that was different when students showed quick progress in their lessons with me.

    I asked myself... why?

    How did such simple changes in my teaching methods make such a big difference in the results of one of my students in particular, Warren, and the time it took for him to achieve them?

    Let me explain.

    In traditional programs, it takes an average of 360 hours for students to speak French in very simple sentences. If someone is taking courses full-time for an average of 30 hours per week, it will take 10 weeks before they achieve this goal.

    One of my students, Warren, achieved this level of fluency in only 30 hours by doing the simple things that I asked him to do!

    I came to realize that I and most other language teachers had been teaching our students bad habits that were actually preventing them from speaking French.

    I now realized that I had discovered the Secret to Speaking Fluent French!

    These are the 3 things that I did that contributed to Warren's success...

    1. I gave him reference points from his own language.
      • Traditional language training programs are usually based on a “sink or swim” method.
      • The teacher usually starts the first lesson by speaking to students in the new language that they want to learn, without giving them any explanation about what they are going to learn or how they are going to learn it.
      • The teacher will try to get students to repeat vocabulary, sentences or grammar structures that they don’t understand, without giving them any frame of reference from their own mother tongue.
      • I know, because early in my career, I did exactly the same thing! That is how I was taught to teach French as a second language. “Repeat after me,” I would say and when students looked at me with that puzzled gaze, I just asked them again to do the same thing over and over again.
      • I didn’t know any better! I thought I was doing the right thing, making every effort to help my students learn French. And amazingly, sometimes it worked and my students were able to develop some proficiency in the language.
      • But we worked hard! It was often a long, laborious process, with students making very slow progress. It usually took months of work before students were able to carry on a decent conversation on a variety of topics in French.
      • It was different with Warren.
      • Instead of jumping in and speaking French to Warren, during our first lesson, I decided to explain the differences between French and English, and compared such things as the Rhythm, Intonation and Pronunciation of the two languages.
      • I also gave him some lessons in English grammar and verb tenses so that he could see how his own language was put together. I thought this might help him to better understand the same elements in French.
    2. Showed him the technique of the French language.
      • Every language has its own technique.
      • Let me ask you this: What is the basic technique for speaking English?
      • Could you name two or three things that are crucial to speaking English well?
      • It’s amusing when I talk to teachers about the technique because most of them don’t know what the technique is. They tell me that they knew what it was after I tell them, and MOST IMPORTANT, they never think it is important enough to tell students because “it is obvious” (unfortunately, only to them).
      • To me, the technique is one of the main keys to the language. If you don’t grasp the concept, you will usually experience difficulties and never acquire the speaking habits of a native speaker.
    3. I encouraged Warren to allow himself the freedom to make mistakes and to Speak French at every opportunity even with his limited vocabulary and grammar structures.
      • I told him that “darn good” was good enough and that he did not have to say things perfectly to be able to Speak French.
      • This gave him the confidence to start speaking from the very first lesson.
      • You see, as adults, we are afraid of making mistakes. Unlike children, who “just do it” in complete faith, we think that we have to get everything right before attempting to do something new. That applies to many things – taking dance lessons, starting a new hobby…. We get frustrated when we make mistakes. We think we will look foolish so we hesitate to step out and show how much or how little we know.
      • I realized that this was one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most of my students! They didn’t want to “look silly” when they spoke French. So, I had to give them permission right from the start to make mistakes, try something new, and not feel as if they had to do it perfectly! Amazingly, giving them permission to fail helped them to succeed!
  • "Yes, I as a knowledgeable French language teacher, had contributed to students’ lack of success in Speaking Fluent French… but all of that was about to change."
  • Once I realized what I had been doing wrong, and I observed Warren’s success using my new approach, I knew that I was onto a winning formula.

    I started testing my theory with every new student that I could. I kept adding new elements to my approach.

    I studied accelerated learning techniques that I heard about in the past but never gave much thought to, wondering if, by incorporating them into my program, they could help my students get even better results and cut down on the learning time.

    I did some serious analysis…..

    WHAT happened?

    I began to analyze what I had done differently each time that one of my students reached the desired level of fluency, especially those working for the Canadian Federal Public Service, where their ability or inability to speak French might mean that their job was on the line. They needed to achieve specific levels of fluency within limited time periods or they might lose their jobs.

    I spent thousands of hours exploring ways to speed up the learning process and ensure that my students were successful in their attempts to achieve their level of proficiency and learn to Speak French from their very first lesson with me.

    My book was first published in 2001, after about a year of this analysis and changes to my teaching methods. It summarized all that I had learned about what it takes to be successful in learning to Speak Fluent French.

    The book is called "French K.I.S.S. – The Fun and Easy Way to Learn French."

    I began using my "newer" style of teaching in working with new students. My students benefited tremendously from all this research.

    In fact French K.I.S.S. – The Fun and Easy Way to Learn French was a BIG HIT with my students.

    But there was still something missing. The information contained in the book was very helpful in enabling my students to Speak French more fluently, but it was lacking the dynamics of classroom interaction. I needed to find a way to substitute my presence so that students would develop a “natural instinct” for speaking without hesitation.

    It was back to the drawing board for me….

    After more trial and error, and spending thousands of dollars on software programs, looking for the right mix that would give me the results that I knew my students needed, I finally found it!

    I was able to develop INTERACTIVE LESSONS using basic PowerPoint files that enabled me to create exercises that mimicked classroom interaction. If I could not be present in body, I could at least be present in voice!

    That is how I came to develop my Lessons on CD ROM. This was the missing element that I had been looking for. With this technology, I was able to re-create the classroom “feel” for my students. Without actually being present, sitting next to them, I could walk my students through a series of exercises that would help them to develop a natural “instinct” for Speaking Fluent French. It worked!

    Once I started using these new exercises with my students, there was no turning back! The feedback I received was so positive and my students were achieving such tremendous success that I knew I had finally found the


    It was all uphill from there!

    It felt great to get all of that praise - the feedback on the new lessons was fabulous.

    My email was literally flooding over with questions and comments from people who heard about my method and my program. I was feeling pretty good about my program. I had helped so many students.

    I was in awe at the response from my students, subscribers to my newsletter and others who were interested in learning to Speak Fluent French. I received tons of emails, phone calls and feedback telling me how much my new approach had helped and how much it was appreciated. I couldn’t believe that so many people told me what an impact my program had on them.

    I could have sat back on my laurels and stopped doing anything new, content with my new found success.

    You made my decision for me – I owed it to you to keep working and keep developing new techniques and strategies to make my program even better.

    I continued to fine tune my program, developing new exercises, finding new ways to help my students learn French faster, make it easier for them, take away the stress normally associated with learning a new language.

    I started incorporating AUDIO MP3 lessons so they could take their lessons with them when they commuted between office and home, while they were walking their dog or doing their exercises in the gym.

    I was "blown away" at the response.

    I received OVERWHELMING support for what I was doing.

    A long process

    As I said earlier, I received a TON of emails from readers of my newsletter and purchasers of French K.I.S.S. – The fun and easy way to learn French program.

    You have given me many suggestions on how to improve upon the program to be able to Speak Fluent French with confidence.

    So I threw myself into improving the French K.I.S.S. program.

    It has taken me over 6 years to squeeze more than 25 years worth of language training & experience with students into my program. It has been an exhausting process. The work for this course first began in 2001... and completing it has become an obsession and a passion.

    Since last year, I have been working virtually every day to cram every strategy and technique into this course. I was up at 5:00 a.m. and sometimes earlier, pretty much every morning, including weekends, developing exercises that would make it possible to learn to Speak Fluent French faster and with less effort than with any other program available anywhere!

    The results have been worth it!

    I now have several options available for those who want to Speak Fluent French.

    Here they are at last:

    • Speak French in 112 days!

      Get on the Fast Track to Fluent French!

      If you are a busy person and do not feel that you have a lot of time to devote to learning French, this program is for you! The absolute essentials that you need to speak French – the bare bones of the language! The elements you must absolutely know to speak French!

      Speak French in 112 Days is available on CD for self-study and covers everything you will need to become fluent in French, by doing daily exercises over a period of 112 days.

      The program has been developed in such a way as to provide you with the time to assimilate what you need to learn on a daily basis and is especially suitable for those with a busy lifestyle or those who need to learn French quickly because they have to pass a government language test or they are going to a French speaking region in the very near future.

      If you have no time to lose, this is the program for you!

       It is a must have...

      Order Speak French in 112 days for only $112.00 plus $8.95 shipping and handling.

    • French Verbs On Demand! E-book

      Instant Access Online!

      Are you like most students who have trouble with French verbs?

      Are you tired of memorizing endless lists of verbs only to find that you still can't use them correctly so you end up using only the present tense in most sentences?

      Read French Verbs On Demand! and discover how easy it is to learn French verbs, without the headaches of traditional methods. Learn all the basics of French verbs to help you speak fluent French. Find out WHY when you read the French Verbs On Demand! E-book.

      Mastering French verbs will help you speak like a native speaker, give you more confidence and eliminate stress.

      Every year, millions of students purchase a little green book on French verbs, hoping it will help them speak better French.

      This book has been around for a long time and the method used has not changed during that time. Memorize 12,000 verbs in all their tenses and then, hope that you will remember them when you need them.

      Good luck with that!

      I have developed a proprietary and revolutionary approach to learning French verbs that eliminates all the guess work!

      It is simple, very effective, easy to learn and use and and there is absolutely no need to memorize 12,000 verbs!

      I've boiled French verbs down to a simple science and this E-book explains it all in simple language that even a child can understand. In fact, if you have children learning French at school, you should share this E-book with them. It will really help them.

      Every French student, either native speaker or second language student, needs a copy of this E-book, so tell all your friends, family and co-workers about it!

  • In-classroom group lessons

    This again is my original program, with the added benefit of in-classroom sessions held once a month.

    Classes run from October to April, with groups for beginners as well as those for government employees needing to pass the government language test. Sessions are held one Saturday each month. These sessions are followed by individual practice at your own pace, in your home or office, using the exercises provided, until the next classroom session. These sessions have been offered since 2004, with very positive feedback from the participants.

    I will be your personal coach, giving you individual feedback on your progress, on the challenges that you need to overcome and directing you on the next steps you must take if you want to become fluent in French.

    These classroom sessions are fun, interactive and dynamic. You will not be bored - I guarantee it!

    Send an email to if you would like to be notified of the start date for the next series of lessons. Classes fill up quickly so register early if you don’t want to be disappointed!

    If there are a number of people in your workplace interested in following the French K.I.S.S. program, these group sessions can also be arranged at your work site.

  • Individual lessons or tutoring

    I offer individual lessons to many students, especially employees of the Canadian Federal Government or its agencies. This often involves preparing candidates to successfully pass the government language proficiency tests at various levels. I have developed a strategy to help students achieve their individual goals and pass the government test – I have many testimonials to confirm their success.

    If you are interested in individual training, please send an email to and I will confirm whether or not my training schedule will allow me to work with you.

  • Summer Immersion Courses

    Each summer, we offer week-long immersion courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

    Courses are normally held during August and cover the essentials of the French language in a highly interactive, fun environment. At the end of the week-long intensive program, intermediate and advanced students who work for the federal government are given specific strategies to prepare them to take the government language test at the B or C level.

    If you are interested in receiving notification of the dates for the summer immersion courses, please send an email to:

    Courses fill up quickly each year and space is very limited. To avoid disappointment, register early once you receive the course dates.